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Stair Square 

The Stair Square is is a brand new stair layout tool for stringers 

for the going and risers for indoor and outdoor stair 


The STAIR SQUARE is designed for the purpose of marking out the cuts and rebates in stringers. It designed with accuracy, easy of operation and time saving in mind.


To purchase your own Stair Square go to

Informational video 


The first step in any stair construction is to calculate the dimensions of the stairs that you intend to construct.The most important thing to establish for using the Stair Square™ are the rise and going measurements.

Some people use different terminology so we have included some explanations of the terms we're using in these instructions because depending upon what kind of stair construction you are using the tread may overhang and be longer than the actual going.


We need to start by looking at the total height of the stair and ensuring thatwe use proportions that are suited to ideal comfort proportions.The stair angle chart included in these instructions can help to ensure that you stay within a range of suitable angles.


Treads are usually between 250 and 300mm wide, while risers are between 150-190mm in height.Total Going = 3250 ÷ 13 treads = 250 mm going.Total Rise = 2450 ÷ 14 risers = 175 mm rise.Being sold by the inventor himself. 

The Stair square received the Australian Good Design Award
Purchasing direct from the inventor in Melbourne, Australia.

Instruction examples 

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